Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Greatness

Greatness.  How does one define Greatness.  Surely everyone has their own definition and ideas of what determines greatness.  When I think of Greatness, I think of things that are larger than life.  I have the mental picture of someone with light behind them, arms outstretched.  So, of course, I equate Greatness with Godliness.  Sometimes.  I'm going to try to describe Greatness other than God.

Greatness, to me, is embodied by people who continue to do what nobody thinks they can do.  Greatness is about stretching oneself to be more than average.  The condensed dictionary definition of greatness is "exceptionally high quality" or "of large size."  To me, these definitions are too limiting. 

Greatness in people can be seen when they surpass the normal expectations or characteristics of human beings.  You don't have to be good or virtuous to be great.  Greatness is larger than life.  Greatness is being noteworthy, leaving a lasting impression.  Greatness, to me, also has nothing to do with size.  I've known some examples of Greatness that were exceptionally small.  Mother Theresa is an example of Greatness in a small package.  Children fall under this category.  The Great and Powerful Oz was small and not so great.  His greatness came from his presence and ability to think "outside the box."  It was all in others' perception of him. 

I suppose, that being said, Greatness is in the eye of the beholder. 

Yeah, I got nothing.  Bad letter for me.  On to tomorrow.